About Maxine the sculpture artistAbout the Artist

Maxine has the kind of talent born of a lifelong passion for artistic expressions, a commitment to excellence, and an old fashioned hard hitting work ethic.  From conception to completion of a project, Maxine dedicates her primary purpose to cultivating an honest empathetic focus on her subject, utilizing in-depth study and research, interviews, live models and a natural love for creation in order to capture the individual spirit in bronze.

After decades of oil painting and art study both in the USA and abroad, this native of Colorado began sculpting nearly full time in 1989.

Both miniature and monumental pieces intrigue Maxine.  Her whimsical Santa series is a favorite of her many collectors across the country.  Some of her larger sculptures include  a life sized WWII soldier and  bald eagle, both focal points of the Weld County Veterans’ Memorial at Greeley,
Colorado, a life sized sculpture of former Colorado Governor Benjamin H. Eaton placed in Eaton, Colorado and Geronimo, the WWII para trooping dog placed at Sacrifice Field at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Artist Statement

It seems to me, the passion for creating has always been with me, a never ending source of inventive energy seeking expression, taking it’s cues from the creation itself.  I truly feel lonely, incomplete, restless and overwhelmingly disconnected when I am not creating.

I was raised on a farm in Northeastern Colorado by a father who taught me to work and who instilled in me a desire to be my best.  Mother had a quiet and contagious enthusiasm that breathed life into each and every dream my young heart could conceive.  Looking back on my career as an artist, it was these three qualities:  labor, thoroughness and an active imagination that became the fertile soil in which the seeds of a young girl’s spatial aptitude and visual interest took good root.

Today, as I pause to reflect on the dynamics of the creative process at work in my life, I agree with artist John Soderberg’s statement on talent.  In it he states:

“I feel that my effort is most appreciated by those who comment that I must have worked hard.  I get the feeling that the person has an inkling of the years of learning and of trial and error, the literal blood, sweat, and tears,  and the weighty sacrifices I have made to accomplish whatever I have”.


Limited edition bronze sculptures
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